Amy is honored to continue her parent’s legacy


Amy is honored to continue the legacy her mother, Peg, and father, Gus, created in 1953 of directing a dance school with the perfect combination of professionalism and warmth that Peg and Gus gave to all their students. Gus opened the School to spread his love of jazz dance to the world. He is known as the “Godfather of Jazz Dance.” Peg handled all the scheduling of classes, faculty, accounting, marketing & more. Gus’ belief was a jazz dancer must have a strong base in all forms of dance: ballet, tap, jazz and modern, and this philosophy is continued today at the original Gus Giordano Dance School under Amy.  

Amy grew up dancing & trained in all styles (jazz, ballet, pointe, modern, tap) while assisting her parents with every aspect of running the School. Amy trained until she shattered her knee cap as a passenger in a car accident. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University, Amy worked as an Accountant Representative for Grey Advertising, Marketing Supervisor at DMB&B & Director of Marketing at Budget Rent a Car. During this time, Amy also worked for her father as Executive Coordinator and Executive Treasurer for Jazz Dance World Congress created in 1990 by Gus. 

Amy’s professional performances began at age 6 with multiple dance commercials for Sears & Co, 100th Anniversary Celebration of Hiram & Walker, PBS special "Ritual D" dancing alongside her father, along with numerous dance performances throughout Chicagoland.

Amy's extensive dance knowledge from her own personal dance training to everything her parents taught her enables her to continue providing the highest quality of dance training from children to professional dancers. Amy has an eye for developing programs for dancers of any age.

In 1993, Peg passed away and Amy assumed all of her mother’s responsibilities of running the School.  She also became her father’s personal assistant at this time until his death in 2008. Amy credits both of her parents for her love and dedication to offering the highest quality of dance instruction to all ages at all levels, as she loves building confidence and guiding dancers from age 2 to professionals. She is the proud mother of Lauren, Edward, and Sarah. Her maternal qualities contribute to the family oriented nature of the School.

Culture Shock Chicago honored Amy in 2017 for her outstanding commitment to preserving her father’s legacy. Gus spent his career educating & training dancers all over the world about Jazz dance. Jazz dance, as Gus explained is the only dance form that is always changing and evolving. Amy's mission is to continue Gus' vision, as Gus explained "Jazz dance is a living art form, changing with the fashion of the times, but its roots remain in the original classic Jazz method, which never goes out of style.”

In 2018, Amy was awarded The Kurt Mathiasson Award for Community Service. The award is given to an individual who most exemplifies Kurt's devotion and commitment to the ongoing vitality of the Andersonville community. Amy embodies the spirit of this award through her non-stop efforts to not only expertly run Gus Giordano Dance School, but to bring the school out to the community. She brilliantly continues the legacy of her father.

Amy is also the Founder & Executive Director of The Gus Giordano Jazz Legacy Foundation. Amy established The Foundation on July 10, 2017, Gus’ birthday. It was a long time goal of hers to create a non-profit organization that would truly pay tribute to her father’s life long mission of elevating Jazz Dance.

The Gus Giordano Jazz Legacy Foundation aims to create the same culture, uplifting spirit, and dedication to spreading the joy of jazz that Gus & Peg gave to thousands of people. The Gus Giordano Jazz Legacy Foundation funds scholarships to dancers of all ages, sponsors performances & master classes to schools in Chicagoland. Click Here for Press on Amy